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Our Purpose

10on10 Education was born with the aim to nurture meaningful learning in children. Most often children do not understand completely what they are taught and therefore do not remember what they learn. At 10on10 we know how critical it is for children to have a strong and solid foundation, which will help them achieve success in life. Being parents ourselves we also know that children learn when they enjoy. With 10on10 we help children love and enjoy their learning which is for life.

Understanding and Learning

10on10 program helps every child understand the concepts and skills through self learning and multiple creative ways, which help reinforce the learning without losing interest.

Building Confidence

The 10on10 program helps every child understand and master every basic concept and skill. When a child knows what and why they are doing something they are able to do so better and more accurately. This builds the child’s confidence and challenges their learning.

Fun and Engaging

The programs are developed creatively with animal cartoons so as to stimulate the logical, visual and spatial thinking in your child and add a pinch of joy to the child’s learning.


Cody - 6 years old
Nick - 10 and Jessica - 6 years old
Javier - 9 and Carlos - 5 years old
Zack - 8 years old
Landon - 8 years old

The toughest question of all: why is Australia falling behind in maths?

Our kids aren’t getting smarter. They are going backwards.

Australian students fall behind rest of the world

OECD report finds Australian students falling behind

Australian students falling behind

PISA report finds Australian teenagers education worse than 10 years ago


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