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A fun and exciting way to help your child discover the joys of learning new words A robust vocabulary improves all areas of communication - listening, speaking, reading and writing Buy Now

Expand your child’s vocabulary with 10on10Word!


10on10Word helps children build a vast and powerful vocabulary. It offers an interesting and unique set of words covering the entire gamut of wordplay and poetry and helps children overcome a phobia of big sounding words by playfully engaging them through appealing animal cartoons.


The 10on10Word is available in the form of 2 series called the and the each series consisting of 10 wonderfully illustrated word books. We recommend the program from grade 3 onwards.


The 10on10 wordbooks are designed keeping in mind the power of visual learning for children. Each book narrates a unique and original story using interesting words, followed by specific activities each of which are accompanied by amazing illustrations that helps the child understand and remember each word better.


10on10Word helps nurture independent reading in children. We have combined the joys of reading and vocabulary learning in our program, so as to maximise the child language development. Research shows that vocabulary is acquired vastly more often while reading rather than listening.


Helps increase the depth and breadth of your child’s vocabulary. Meaning in addition to the number of new words that your child acquires, they also develop an understanding of the word such as the concepts a word represents, its multiple meanings and associations, its usage and behaviour in a sentence, its opposites and more.


10on10Word offers exposure to unusual and intriguing words which help the child in word exposure, which in return aids fluent and higher levels of reading and gives them an edge academically and prepares them for a challenging world.

Word Samples

Vocabulary is enormously important to a child's developement. Fourtunately a child's vocabulary is not predestined.