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About Us

Our learning process helps optimize the child's ability to make complex decisions down the road and build strong math skills and a robust vocabulary preparing young minds for a challenging world.

A child has the potential to learn
just about anything, as parents you have an important role to play...

Our Purpose

10on10 Education was born with the aim to nurture meaningful learning in children. Most often children do not understand completely what they are taught and therefore do not remember what they learn. At 10on10 we know how critical it is for children to have a strong and solid foundation, which will help them achieve success in life. Being parents ourselves we also know that children learn when they enjoy. With 10on10 we help children love and enjoy their learning which is for life.

Our Approach

We believe that good math skills and a robust vocabulary are the stepping stones to every child’s future.

Understanding and Learning

10on10 program helps every child understand the concepts and skills through self learning and multiple creative ways, which help reinforce the learning without losing interest.

Building Confidence

The 10on10 program helps every child understand and master every basic concept and skill. When a child knows what and why they are doing something they are able to do so better and more accurately. This builds the child’s confidence and challenges their learning.

Fun and Engaging

The programs are developed creatively with animal cartoons so as to stimulate the logical, visual and spatial thinking in your child and add a pinch of joy to the child’s learning.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the 10on10Math program?

10on10 Math for Kids is an annual self learning, at home math program that reinforces your child’s math concepts, one day at a time, one worksheet a day. These worksheets have been scientifically developed by math experts, child learning specialists & world-class designers and are aimed at keeping your child engrossed while learning. The math worksheets are simple and creatively presented using animal cartoons and stimulate logical, visual and spatial thinking in your child, thus leading to joy and success in learning.

Why should I reinforce math concepts? My child goes to school...

A strong foundation in math guarantees success in a child’s future. Most parents think classroom schooling is enough to develop proficient math skills. But most schools teach math in a logical and repetitive manner that often leads to boredom, disinterest and fatigue. Engaging a child’s attention in learning using traditional techniques is harder than ever before. Therefore, we introduce the 10on10 Math Program. A way of making bringing joy and success into learning, through creativity, imagination discovery and applied thinking on a daily basis.

What ages does 10on10Math program cater to?

The program caters to children age 4 to 12 years. This can also be interpreted as for children from kindergarten to the 5th Grade. Currently, worksheets for students in Grade 5 are only available to students in Grade 4 who renew their subscription.

Is 10on10Math for Kids a new way of doing Math?

No. The 10on10 Math Program simply reinforces concepts taught at school. This is a worksheet based math reinforcement program uses creative worksheets to further cement mathematical concepts taught at school. It is not a new way of doing math.

Which curriculums does the 10on10Math program cover?

The 10on10Math program is structured to cover topics studied in USA (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, California), India (NCERT) and Singapore (the Singapore Math Curriculum) Children studying in any state board can enroll in 10on10 to reinforce the concepts learned in school and ensure a strong foundation in math concepts.

Does 10on10 have a program in English, grammar or Science?

10on10 currently has a program only for math and English Our R&D department is working in other subjects, and will post the information on website www.10on10.com.au as and when launched.

What is Multiple Intelligence?

According to a Harvard university research on "Multiple Intelligence", a child uses multiple faculties to learn. The 10on10 Math Program has been created to help your child learn math using logical, visual and spatial thinking skills through a series of specially formulated worksheet exercises.

Is it classroom teaching?

-No. The worksheets are primarily aimed for self learning, and reinforcement to all that the children learn in school.

What happens if my child enrolls in December, what happens to the earlier months? Will my child miss out?

Your child can enroll in any month. He/she will receive a worksheet kit for the current month only. In the case of enrollment in December, you will receive a kit for December. We will be sending the Revision and Test copies every three months which will include the previous month portions so the child won’t miss out anything.

Can the program be subscribed to at any time of the year? Do we need to wait till the child is in the next level?

If your child between the grades of kindergarten to the 5th grade, then he/she can enroll in the 10on10 Math Program. The program can be subscribed to at any time during the year. The program is annual in nature, and offers a seamless delivery model for 12 continuous months, regardless of the start month and grade level. So if your child moves up a grade during your subscription, the 10on10 Math Program will also automatically promote the child to a new grade, adjusting for the new academic year. In case your subscription cycle is completed, you can renew the program with immediate effect, from the month subscription lapses, ensuring un-interrupted math learning for your child.

My child is in the second grade, can he/she start on 10on10?

Yes. Math concepts in the 10on10 Math Program have been scientifically mapped according to the age of the child and curriculum guidelines. The program has been created for children from kindergarten to the fifth grade.

Can I get the 12 months worksheet in a single lot?

-No. The worksheets are continuously updated & designed basis of new research. A single lot of 12 months worksheets will mean old worksheets without the new current changes incorporated.

How do I enroll my child?

Enroll your child, at any time, by subscription through the below option:
  • Log on to www.10on10.com.au, can be made online through credit card payment system.

How do children get upgraded to the next level?

The 10on10 Math Program follows a June – May cycle of delivery for every grade, and automatically upgrades the child to the next level with the commencement of the new academic year.

Who develops the 10on10 content?

The 10on10 Math Program is developed by an international team of mathematicians, experts from India’s prestigious IITs, innovative educationalists and creative illustrators.

What is the difference between 10on10 method and other Mathematical products?

The 10on10 Math Program is creative, fun and extremely unorthodox. It does not use a traditional classroom learning style or a one-to-one tutoring method. Instead, worksheets are designed to be used at home based on a “learn by doing” principle. The 10on10 Math Program encourages students to think for themselves. The goal of the programme is to develop student's confidence so that they will first try to solve a problem on their own before asking for help.

Is it kind of "Vedic Maths" or "Abacus?"

- No. We focus on developing interest in children for the subject. Concepts covered in the worksheets are part of the school syllabus.

Will the worksheets change depending on the curriculum my child follows at school?

The 10on10 Math Program is a standard one for all curriculums, as it is mapped to international guidelines that not just match but often exceed state schools.

Why don’t your worksheets match with what is taught in my child’s Maths class in school?

The 10on10 Math Program is mapped to excellent international curriculums. It covers core math concepts depending on the grade the child is in. The approach and depth of teaching concepts can differ from prescribed text books or school math classes. But all concepts and topics necessary for that class are covered and reinforced through worksheets. The end objective to learning concepts at each level is not compromised, although could be different from the school or teacher approach.

Can you provide an answer sheet every month, to ensure that my child is doing the worksheets correctly every month?

Yes. Answer sheets are provided from [Grade I to Grade V] along with the kit every month. We request parents to keep answer sheets away from the child and discourage them from using short cuts.

Do we send back the worksheet after my child has completed it?

No. The 10on10 Math Program is at home self learning programme. Please refer to the answer sheet to see how the child has done the worksheets.

Will I be sent worksheets via emails on a weekly/monthly basis or will I be provided a login to print the worksheets?

Monthly 10on10 Math Program kits will be delivered by the first week every month in the form of printed worksheets by courier. The company has identified various couriers with their specific geographical expertise, and allocates your delivery basis of your address.

In case I enroll mid-year, can I get delivery of previous 10on10 kit in order to catch up on the academic cycle for the same class?

No. The 10on10 Math Program developers strongly believe that the child should not be burdened with unrealistic expectations of completing multiple worksheets. The child should be ideally be given just one worksheet a day. This ensures that the worksheets stay fun and interesting.

Whom do we contact if the kit is received torn or in poor conditions?

The customer service team can be reached to record your complaint on PH: 1300735521 or you can send a mail to customercare@10on10.com.au . In case of severe damage, a fresh kit will be dispatched.

Can I be involved with my child’s learning?

The 10on10 Math Program gives you an opportunity to be involved with your child's learning. It informs you about the concepts your child is exploring on a regular basis. It allows you to see the progress and achievements of your child. It gives you recommendations and ideas on improving your child's abilities, making learning more fun and being more involved. What’s more, it allows you to bond with your child should you choose to guide him/her while doing the worksheets.

What is the 10on10Word program?

10on10Word is a comprehensive and extensive after school vocabulary enrichment program developed by a team of vocabulary experts and acclaimed English specialist and illustrated by India’s best cartoonists.

What ages does 10on10Word program cater to?

The program caters to children age 8 onwards i.e. from class 3 upwards, There is no age limit in learning a new words